Saturday, April 4, 2015

My Jacqueline

I dreamt of my Roy Kirkham Alpine Strawberry Tea set last night. I miss my perfectly fitted tea cup. I wonder why there is no Roy Kirkham's products at all here in WA after all he is British!
So I've searched for months for my tea cup and finally stopped on Royal Doulton and Cashmere by Maxwell & Williams. Well Royal Doulton might be my cup of tea but their prices definitely not, at least not for now (90$ AUD for a teacup). So I bought myself Cashmere-Jacqueline. It's not perfect but better than a mug and I'm enjoying it drinking my morning tea.

Good Morning and thanks for all the cookies 💖

I bought two small tea cups for Maya and Elizabeth as well so we may all have a cup of tea together.

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