Wednesday, March 27, 2019

You own Cryptex DIY

How to create a Cryptex out of cardboard boxes?

Do you like puzzles? What about codes? Or maybe you would like a secret box that no one can open beside you. Join this DIY to create your own Cryptex puzzle box using cereal cardboard boxes and toilet paper rolls. You can create your own code using letter, numbers or even symbols of your own creation.

What do you need:

Printable PDF of Cryptex and Cryptex code if needed
4 empty cereal boxes.
1 toilet paper roll
1 paper towel roll
hot glue gun
5 beads

Thank you for watching

You can find the Printable Cryptex PDF here.

* On the Cryptex PDF you will find a Big wheel and a Stopper. Although I didn’t use the Stopper in my video, you can glue it between each wheel if needed.
* My codes are printed on cardboard printable paper which gives it the antique look as an old paper. The other option is to use newspaper, lettering or create your own symbols.

Have Fun!

Monday, March 25, 2019

Best Piece Ever

Happiness is those little moments you enjoy timelessly. A moment when you don’t look outside the window to watch the sun goes down. It is a moment when you fully engage yourself doing something you enjoy. Today I had one of those moments and what can be better than to share it with someone you love.
My daughter asked me if I can help her to draw a wolf. She had a specific image in her mind - a howling wolf and a full moon on a dark night. Yesterday when I was organizing my art shelf, I’ve  found a pack of new oil pastels. I thought maybe Liz will be interested to try a new art technique using soft pastels so I’ve looked for Youtube tutorial of a full moon drawing. We even found one with a howling wolf. She was skeptical. It looked too hard but we decided to try anyway. We started it three times and only on the third paper we passed drawing the skies. Still it was my happy moment. Sharing this new expirence of learning. She even told me “mom, it’s ok to make a mistake” 😍
The happy moment was more like half an hour 😃 . I helped her with the smudging but she did everything by herself with a little guidance from me and Youtube tutorial. She was so proud of her drawing she called it her Best Piece Ever and decided to bring it to her art class at school.
Thank you my dear of sharing this moments of happiness with me. ❤️

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Craft as a tool of Manifestation

If you are wondering what we are doing in Kids Craft Club... we are creating our Reality.

It is so important to learn the stages of manifestation. First comes the idea which can be inspired by something you read, seen or dreamt about. Then you put it down on paper as a sketch using words and drawing. You are following with organizing all the materials you need (keep in mind it’s ok to change some of it during the process) and Only then you put it all together.
This is why we always start with pencil, piece of paper and a bowl for resources.
This is why I’m teaching the kids to work with patterns throught sewing plushies and design their own bags.
Art and Craft teaches us much more than just gluing papers together.
Just Do Craft and Be Happy

Monday, February 25, 2019

Be Youself

When someone asks me “How long have you been a crafter and artist?” My answer is “I’ve never stopped.” Craft is another sense we experience our world through as children. During school years some of us busy learning with our minds and some still need to get their hands dirty and crafty.
I love to use different material in my crafts. It took me several years as a teenager to finally Be myself in my crafts and stop listening to all those one-discipline teachers:”You are not suppose to combine acrylic with watercolors!” “Don’t mix this with that”, “Jewelry is not woodworking!”etc. 
Well, I say mix it all! Create and Be Happy!

I can’t wait for tomorrow when five girls will design their shirt in the way they like, as part of our Kids Craft Club on Tuesdays. Maybe they will use colours, maybe ribbons, maybe fabrics and maybe beads or maybe all of it and some more. I know it’s just an hour and a half but I’m happy to share that magical hour where they can Be Themselves  in the craft. 

Be Yourself,

Sunday, February 14, 2016

My new tea crafts

What a crafty Sunday. I'm so excited to show you my new cotton tea bags and a warmer of Tea Goddess.
All made of 100% cotton with Bamboo braided yarn. 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Tea box

I have lots of tea. Those little boxes of 10 tea satchet. And everyday I'm bisy in opening them again and again deciding which one will I make today. Half of the boxes were empty so I've started to reorganize all my tea closet.

Empty box here, empty box there, scissors lying around and my creative mind started to new Tea Box! 

One Box to keep them all
One Box to bring them
One Box to show them all 
And in the cup to steep them!

 Have a nice cup of tea
from  Natalie

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Samhain Blessings

A year passed by and it's Samhain time again. Although I live in Southern hemisphere now, I still feel connected to the otherside. Now is a time of reconnecting to our roots and honouring the ancestors. Today I welcome Cerridwen and thanking Rhiannon. And I welcome you to go down into the Labyrinth, connect to your subconscious and work with your shadow. 

            *Ink on tea stained paper*

May the Owl guide you on your way toward your goals,

May the Salmon give you wisdom in your choices,

May the Horse help you overcome your obstacles,

And May the Hare fill your life with Abundance.

Samhain blessing to all.