Thursday, October 30, 2014

Irish tea

Since I banned morning coffee from my life and switched it to tea, I have much more time to try new flavores. Today I'm drinking "Twilight-Irish Breakfast" with my scotch finger cookie. It is the best way to start a Samhain morning since it started as a Celtic celebration. 
  So Cheers to my dead ancestors, you are invited for a cup of tea.

P.S- I miss my teacups! I Need to find a Roy Kirkham collections in Perth or at least a true teacup.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Backpack for swimming lessons

Maya needs a new bag for her swimming lessons. It took me a whole week to decide what kind of bag I want to make, and I've chose a simple string backpack.
All you need is a two rectangle fabrics and two cords for the strings.
 Maya asked for a mermaid bag so I've embroided one for her with my magnificent SE400 Brother sewing machine.
  Have a sunny Summer!

Time to recycle!

I'm in LOVE! It turns out that sewing tote bags is very easy so I've made another one. This time I used my old jeans and my daughters old pants. It is time to recycle!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tote bag for Spring

On a beautiful spring day like today I like to go out with girls to the park. All I need in my bag is a bottle of water and a book, sometimes even my purse. But my usual bag is falling apart and not so comfortable as I like. I found this great tutorial of making one by my own. And here it is :-) fresh from the oven.


My Owls

I miss my owls. I miss making them for the little ones. I've just received all of my boxes And my watercolors are finally here. So here she is...My Snow Owl on a stone. Danu's owl.

And a new sketch of Barred Owl from today

A new banner

My sewing machine is here and working.
She is perfect! Thank you little elves for keeping her safe in the sea for two months.
  My first project is a banner I wanted to make for so long. Most of embroidery designs are from Urban Threads  - a great site for embroidery lovers. So after 4 days of sewing and embroidering I finally made it. 
And it is colorful and perfect!

Here some close up