Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Great Jasmine

Silence...The only sound I hear right now is the rain outside. The scent of Summer rain in May is different, for it's not the scent of a fresh rain and wet earth, but that of drops of water and dusty air falling down. In spite of that, it still brings some serenity.

The kids are asleep and I finally have my alone time with my cup of tea. Tonight I am sippint my favorite one .The "Grand Jasmin Chun Feng" tea from Palais des Thès; the best tea store we have here. I've tried all types of Jasmine Green Tea in the store and many others but none of them ever given me satisfaction as this one does. Slightly bitter with tranquillizing smell, which transport me into meditation and stillness. 

I started to prepare templates and fabrics for my "Magical Owl" workshop but after a second sip I'm already drifting away, thinking of rain and flowers. 
Good night fairies, take care of my Lavender.

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